Are you interested in becoming a freestyle rap champion? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll give you some tips in this article that will help you become a better rapper and freestyle battler. If you’ve never freestyle rapped before then we’ll also show you how you can get started.

Rap music started in the streets of New York City when people would gather with a group of friends and recite rhymes about different topics. This quickly become a popular form of music and culture. And even today people love to freestyle rap whether at home, work or in school. It’s really a great and popular phenomenon.

But the problem is that freestyle rap canĀ  be difficult to pull off right. There aren’t many people who are truly great at freestyle rapping. They really do practice hard. Every chance they get they’re coming up with rhymes off the top of their head. And that’s what the most important skill of a freestyle rap artist is – the ability to rhyme off the top of your head.

Sure nowadays a lot of freestyle battles consist of written rhymes, but the true essence of freestyling is in the ability to come off the top with some clever and witty ideas that use words that rhyme. That’s why it’s important to be able to come up with words and ideas quickly. You should start this endeavor off by reading a rhyming dictionary and cross-referencing it with a real dictionary. That way you expand your vocabulary and also know which words rhyme together.

Want some more tips on how to freestyle rap better? There are lots of resources online that you should check out that will give you some more freestyle rap tips. If you’re an artist and not a freestyle rap one, but someone who releases songs there are also great tips online about how to get your music heard. Hope this helps!